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​Thrive Alive is an interactive monthly health education series hosted by the Alive Faith Network. We’ve created this online forum to cultivate empowering health-centered dialogue within the community. Every episode will feature a healthcare professional, spiritual leader, or community member. If you’re ready to thrive in every area of your life, this Facebook series is for you! Join us on Facebook Live (@alivefaithnetwork) to learn more!

​​Our Mission |
Our mission is ​to promote greater health equity by connecting healthcare professionals and changemaking wellness advocates to the communities they serve.

Our Vision ​|
Our vision is to build a bridge between the medical community and the local community through publicly broadcasted conversations that provide unique perspectives on health disparities. We aim to promote mental, physical, and spiritual healing for individuals and communities of color by providing accessible health information and practical resources.

Our Values ​|

Curiosity  ~ Community  ~  Integrity ~ Connection​ ~  Advocacy ~  Holistic Health 
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